suzycat (suzycat) wrote in vanitywise,

Nail repair

I find that when my nails get longer - particularly the thumbs - I often get a horizontal tear down in the nail bed, where the nail starts to break away, and which means that eventually I'll have to cut that nail really short. I keep my nails fairly oval in shape, a sort of oval-ed off square if you know what I mean, so I'm doing my best not to weaken the sides of the nails by filing down too low.
Any tips on fixing a tear in the nail? It's so frustrating having to cut one right *off* to nothing, and still have an unsightly tear in the nail. I don't wear them extremely long.
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Check out the Sally Hansen's section in your local drugstore. They usually have something for tears that is fairly easy to use. My thumbs do the same exact thing.
I forgot all about Sally Hansen! I haven't seen "her" for a while but I'm sure the line is still available. It always came very highly recommended.
Sally Hansen rocks!!! (espc. the nail hardener)