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Rosey posey

About this time last year, I got a voucher to spend at the swanky department store in my town, and purchased a tub of Renew Skincare's organic rose hip moisturing cream, along with a bottle of organic rose hip oil to use as a serum. This is an Australian brand. I liked it at once, especially the oil, which is brilliant on my dry mature skin. While I have to admit I haven't used the products religiously, I've used them on and off for the best part of the year and I find them really excellent - if you use them properly of course. (I was also recently suckered into buying a Neutrogena hydrating set, which has done wonderful things for my then very neglected skin. Set a perfect base for the resumption of the Renew!).

Anyway, I recently decided to try Renew's shampoo, and am very impressed. I have cropped, naturally silver hair. All conventional wisdom dictates that hair of my length should not be conditioned, but I've found that the hair is bushy and dry when I use conventional shampoos, even supposedly moisturising ones, so I've been having to condition.

Enter the Renew. It doesn't contain sodium laurel sulfate, meaning it doesn't really lather, which took a bit of getting used to. But I've found that after using it, my hair is very manageable and soft. It's a very mild shampoo designed for daily use and I would imagine it would be perfect for fragile hair. Plus, it is scented with rose otto and geranium oil, meaning it smells like *actual* roses (as do all the products)not nasty chemically fake ones. Very delicious!

I googled for it in the US but only found it listed on this site of all places. However, if you spot it near you, give it a try - I'm a convert.
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