Kimberly Stanley (kstanley) wrote in vanitywise,
Kimberly Stanley

Question about anti-aging products

I have a question for you folks, do you use anti-aging products/indulge in anti-aging procedures? And if so, what are they and how well do they work?

I'm 36 years old and I have light ivory (yellowish) thin skin. I tend to get freckles if I get too much sun. I have dark circles under my eyes--not from fatigue, but from having thin skin. I have fine lines around my eyes, nose, and mouth.

One over-the-counter thing that I have used with some success is Oil of Olay age defying renewal cream (beta hydroxy complex). In the winter, my skin gets dry and this cream keeps my skin moist and I also think that it sloughs off dead skin cells faster than normal. After using it for a few days, my skin is more glowy then normal.

But what I really need is something more hardcore--something that eliminates those fine lines. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have had cosmetic procedures before--before my wedding I had had a glycolic peel along with some lasering (of dark spots), and a couple of hits of botox in my forehead. To say that I was pleased with the result, greatly understates just how fucking incredible this combo of procedures made my skin look. But, it was very expensive and I am looking for something cheaper. So please suggest away.
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