Terpsichore's Lyre (terpsichoreslyr) wrote in vanitywise,
Terpsichore's Lyre

Inexpensive beauty secret from Grandma...

Castor Oil - you can find it in any drug store. It's very inexpensive and good for many things.

Before going to bed, pat around your eyes. Wonderful moisturizer. Be sure to get your lashes - it makes them stronger and encourages growth.

Hair nourishment and scalp stimulant.

Castor Oil and baking soda made into a paste and applied to a mole (over a period of time) will make it flatten, lighten, shrink and possibly go away completely. Warning, during treatment the mole can get pretty yucky looking - this is the layers of the mole peeling away.

It can also be used to reduce inflammation in swollen joints, sore muscles and (supposedly) help with menstrual cramps. To make a castor oil pack, soak a cloth in castor oil, put over the affected site and heat with heating pad or hot water bottle - be sure to put some kind of cling film between the oil soaked cloth and the heat source.
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