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8th January 2007

suzycat9:06pm: Rosey posey
About this time last year, I got a voucher to spend at the swanky department store in my town, and purchased a tub of Renew Skincare's organic rose hip moisturing cream, along with a bottle of organic rose hip oil to use as a serum. This is an Australian brand. I liked it at once, especially the oil, which is brilliant on my dry mature skin. While I have to admit I haven't used the products religiously, I've used them on and off for the best part of the year and I find them really excellent - if you use them properly of course. (I was also recently suckered into buying a Neutrogena hydrating set, which has done wonderful things for my then very neglected skin. Set a perfect base for the resumption of the Renew!).

Anyway, I recently decided to try Renew's shampoo, and am very impressed. I have cropped, naturally silver hair. All conventional wisdom dictates that hair of my length should not be conditioned, but I've found that the hair is bushy and dry when I use conventional shampoos, even supposedly moisturising ones, so I've been having to condition.

Enter the Renew. It doesn't contain sodium laurel sulfate, meaning it doesn't really lather, which took a bit of getting used to. But I've found that after using it, my hair is very manageable and soft. It's a very mild shampoo designed for daily use and I would imagine it would be perfect for fragile hair. Plus, it is scented with rose otto and geranium oil, meaning it smells like *actual* roses (as do all the products)not nasty chemically fake ones. Very delicious!

I googled for it in the US but only found it listed on this site of all places. However, if you spot it near you, give it a try - I'm a convert.

30th November 2005

minordetour9:04pm: girls just want to have fun....
I know this community is about beauty products but I figured I would share with u my favorite girly book. It's called Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger. It is such a fun book! It takes you through life in the city and the fast night-life style that so many of us living in NYC live in. has anyone else read it? who else loves Sammy? hehe

27th November 2005

kstanley4:27pm: Question about anti-aging products
I have a question for you folks, do you use anti-aging products/indulge in anti-aging procedures? And if so, what are they and how well do they work?

I'm 36 years old and I have light ivory (yellowish) thin skin. I tend to get freckles if I get too much sun. I have dark circles under my eyes--not from fatigue, but from having thin skin. I have fine lines around my eyes, nose, and mouth.

One over-the-counter thing that I have used with some success is Oil of Olay age defying renewal cream (beta hydroxy complex). In the winter, my skin gets dry and this cream keeps my skin moist and I also think that it sloughs off dead skin cells faster than normal. After using it for a few days, my skin is more glowy then normal.

But what I really need is something more hardcore--something that eliminates those fine lines. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have had cosmetic procedures before--before my wedding I had had a glycolic peel along with some lasering (of dark spots), and a couple of hits of botox in my forehead. To say that I was pleased with the result, greatly understates just how fucking incredible this combo of procedures made my skin look. But, it was very expensive and I am looking for something cheaper. So please suggest away.

23rd November 2005

thepoetdog10:43pm: Brazilian bikini wax
Cut cos some people have problems with bikini waxesCollapse )
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14th November 2005

cpt_babypants9:23am: There used to be a product available at Walgreens called "One Minute Manicure." It was mineral oil with sea salts in it. You would apply a few drops to your hands or feet and rub it in for about a minute then wash it off. It used to soften my poor rough hands so beautifully. Now I can't find it anywhere. Anyone know where I can find it or a similar product for a price that isn't ridiculous?

10th August 2005

cpt_babypants11:35am: Product Recommendation
I got a free Schick Quattro for women recently and I absolutely love it. It was a rare day that I got out of the shower without slicing myself. I haven't had a major cut in weeks and it's the smoothest shave I've ever had. I highly recommend it.

28th June 2005

cupcakefairy24:36pm: please help
does anyone know of a good place in england, sw london to get eyelash tints/perms or eyelash extensions?

3rd February 2005

willowstar103:20am: I know cheap foundations and powers that look and feel good are hard to come by, but I'm happy with Maybelline's EverFresh pressed powder. The selection of colors is limited (ivory's a pretty close match to my skin) but the coverage is light enough that finding an exact tone isn't too important. The power feels very light and smooth, absorbs oil (I have a moderately oily T-zone) and isn't at all cakey on the skin. I wouldn't recommend it if you prefer heavy, or even moderate coverage, but I think it's great for a product under $7.

29th November 2004

terpsichoreslyr9:26pm: Inexpensive beauty secret from Grandma...
Castor Oil - you can find it in any drug store. It's very inexpensive and good for many things.

Before going to bed, pat around your eyes. Wonderful moisturizer. Be sure to get your lashes - it makes them stronger and encourages growth.

Hair nourishment and scalp stimulant.

Castor Oil and baking soda made into a paste and applied to a mole (over a period of time) will make it flatten, lighten, shrink and possibly go away completely. Warning, during treatment the mole can get pretty yucky looking - this is the layers of the mole peeling away.

It can also be used to reduce inflammation in swollen joints, sore muscles and (supposedly) help with menstrual cramps. To make a castor oil pack, soak a cloth in castor oil, put over the affected site and heat with heating pad or hot water bottle - be sure to put some kind of cling film between the oil soaked cloth and the heat source.

21st October 2004

suzycat9:41am: Curl me
I'm in the market for a new curling mascara, ideally one that can be used OTT for my belly dance performances. What, in your opinion, is the best in terms of real curling power and value for money?

I have long, but very straight, lashes, and I cannot abide lash curlers. I do have one of the heated ones, which is OK, but for dancing purposes I need all the curl I can get.

I was impressed with L'Oreal's Le Grand Curl but replaced it with Lash Architect, which, while gorgeously thickening, didn't really curl as much as I wanted. And what of Maybelline's Sky High Curves? Or that new one that gives you "panoramic" lashes?

16th October 2004

kasey197:23pm: This is going to be one of those random questions I throw out there, but has anyone ever used any of the Philosphy or Origins products. I saw one of those segments on QVC today and I’m curious.

Or you know, if anyone wants to add any really good facial cleansers, that would be nice too. My skin is currently acting insane, so any recs would help.

6th September 2004

suzycat2:34pm: Nail repair
I find that when my nails get longer - particularly the thumbs - I often get a horizontal tear down in the nail bed, where the nail starts to break away, and which means that eventually I'll have to cut that nail really short. I keep my nails fairly oval in shape, a sort of oval-ed off square if you know what I mean, so I'm doing my best not to weaken the sides of the nails by filing down too low.
Any tips on fixing a tear in the nail? It's so frustrating having to cut one right *off* to nothing, and still have an unsightly tear in the nail. I don't wear them extremely long.

12th August 2004

barlowgirl_048:09pm: What is the best product to prime your hair with before you use a ceramic flatiron? Gel, balm, serum? I usually use gel, and it works, but I was wondering if there was something better to use that would improve the smoothness/shine. And what *shouldn't* I use?

8th August 2004

barlowgirl_0412:12am: I've found it!

John Frieda Dream Curls spray is wonderful. I've been searching forever for a product that would help define my naturally wavy hair and leave it un-frizzy when it dried. And this one does it! My hair is still a tiny bit frizzy after drying, but it's great compared to when I've used other gels and mousses. I would recommend this product to anyone.

4th August 2004

barlowgirl_0411:19pm: I have dry hair...can you recommend me a really good leave-in conditioner, the kind you can just spray in wet or dry hair. Besides Herbal Essences, I've been using it and it doesn't help my hair.
barlowgirl_0412:40pm: Tresemme hair products: opinions?

Also, why are Herbal Essences and Pantene Pro-V bad for your hair?

30th July 2004

barlowgirl_0411:43pm: Thanks to everyone who helped out with my question about eyes...a lot of you mentioned browbone highlights...now my next question..

What exactly are highlights? I know about eyeshadow of course, but how are highlights different? Are there any cosmetics stores online where I could look at examples?

And, a question on eyeshadow...I've got a truckload of eyeshadow, but never really used it..now I know how to apply it properly..so what colors would best suit my skin tone? I've got purples, pinks, browns...You can see my skin in my icon, but I can post another picture if needed.

Thanks a lot!
barlowgirl_044:34am: Are there any tricks (besides mascara) to give your eyes an instant pick-me-up?

28th July 2004

barlowgirl_0410:57pm: 1) I have dry skin; when I get acne what should I look for in an acne-fighting face wash?

2) My hair is naturally wavy - not curly, just wavy - and thick. Anyone have recommendations on a good curl-enhancing gel for hair of these conditions? I'm currently using L'Oreal Springing Curls, and it seems to work well, but I was wondering if there was something that would work better.

Thanks! :)

24th July 2004

barlowgirl_0411:32pm: Woo-hoo, I just got a good haircut. I got all that dead hair lopped off. The thing is, my hair grows so annoyingly fast. I guess that's a good thing.

I'm going to grow it out long again, but not quite as long as it was before. How often should you get the ends trimmed? Every six to eight weeks?

23rd July 2004

barlowgirl_0411:50pm: I have pretty dry skin.

I've heard before that if you have dry skin, you should use creme eyeshadow. Likewise, if you have oily skin you should use powder eyeshadow.

One of my friends is a Mary Kay consultant. I went with her to a meeting, and one of the ladies there told me that isn't true, that I could use powder eyeshadow and it would work fine.

Thoughts on this?

20th July 2004

cpt_babypants12:35pm: Good things/Bad things
Good thing,

Neutrogena Skin Smoothing Body Lotion: I have major issues with shave bumps on my legs. While this doesn't eliminate them completely. I feel confident to actually wear shorts in summer rather than sweating it out in capri pants. It's also the best moisturizer of all the skin smoothing/shave reducing lotions I've used.

Bad Thing,

Redken Extreme Shampoo: I used this on the advise of my hairdresser and because the Leave-In conditioner works so well. While it conditions very nicely, it didn't seem to actually clean my hair. Or maybe it just over conditioned it. Less than 24 hours after washing my hair was greasy and heavy. I actually had to check to make sure I hadn't accidentally bought conditioner. I gave it a few washings, taking care to thoroughly rinse my hair each time, but still the same result. In fact it seems to be getting worse as I just washed my hair last night and it feels like it's been a week since my last shower. I'm definitely sticking with the Rusk Brights for colored blonde hair.
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16th July 2004

barlowgirl_045:32pm: Here's a hair question.

If you look at my icon, that's what my hair looks like when I straighten it. When I put products and straighten it, or style it, it doesn't look damaged. Actually it doesn't really look damaged unless you look at it closely.

But it is damaged! It's...broken, I guess. When I run a section of hair between two fingers, there are tiny pieces of hair that stick up from the strands.

I know that the straightening iron is what damaged it. That's why I bought a ceramic one. I know it will still damage, but hopefully less..and I won't use it too often. I haven't used my straightening iron the entire summer.

I know you can't "undo" damage, but is there anything to help it?

I use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that is specifically for dry hair. I use that VO5 Hot Oil Treatment, and I use a leave-in conditioner when my hair is dry. (I have VERY dry hair and skin.) I also sometimes use that Indian amla oil. I'm going to get about six inches lopped off.

Any other suggestions?
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